what we do

We believe
in the power
of women

Maltiti Foundation plays a leading role in promoting the activities of women in rural communities. We design programs that empower women in different vocational, technical and agricultural ventures aimed at making them self-reliant so as to improve their economic conditions.


We empower Women


We build healthy communities

Maltiti Foundation organizes regular health screenings and provides free medication in these communities. We invest in the lives of women, to build healthy communities that they need to thrive and empower them to create lasting change. We also run campaigns on sexual reproductive health, STI’s, Family Planning and personal hygiene and embark on donation exercises and outreaches to provide various forms of aid. This is done with the belief that a healthy woman builds a healthy community. 

Maltiti Foundation partners with individuals, governments, civil society, traditional bodies, corporate bodies, religious bodies, youth groups among others, towards achieving its aims and objectives.


We work with you

You to can make
a difference