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Women in Agric

Women in Agriculture project, is an economic empowerment program geared towards creating meaningful and dignifying employment for women in the Agric sector by providing capacity building training, funding, logistics and expert advice to women to start and manage their own farms.

Since 2018, we have been able to create direct employment for over 350 women. This has given them access to a dignifying economic opportunity, and by extension, a source of livelihood to take care of their basic needs and that of their children.

A tourism project that capitalises on the expertise of tourist to volunteer their knowledge and skills to provide free health education and healthcare services to indigenes of rural areas that house most of Ghana’s precious tourist site.

Started in November 2018, Health and Tourism brings together people from across the country who have an interest in tourism to volunteer their time and expertise.

The project starts with a visit to tourist sites, a health education session and free health screening. So far, we have successfully screened 2700 rural people, educated 7000+ people and catered for the hospital bills of 25 patients.

Health and Tourism

Learn a Skill

In our bid to promote quality livelihood for women living in deprived communities and to ensure rural industrialization as well as rural economic growth, we design and organize projects that train women in different vocational, technical and agricultural ventures in order to give them a set of skills relevant to serve as a source of employment.

This we believe will ensure rural industrial development and economic growth. It is our goal to train and create direct employment for 5000 girls by our 10th year.

Globally, 1.8 billion females of reproductive age menstruate every month. Unfortunately, over 500 million women and girls lack access to menstrual hygiene facilities.  A gab that needs to be bridged in order to end the prevalence of menstruation-related infections among girls and women in Northern Ghana.

The aim of this projects is to promote menstrual hygiene by providing resources for women and girls to manage their periods in a safe and healthy way.

Her Cycle Care

Females in IT

The Females in IT project aims to address the gender disparity within the field of Information Technology (IT) by promoting gender equality, providing support, and creating opportunities for women in rural Ghana to thrive and succeed in the IT industry.

Through various initiatives, the project seeks to bridge the gender gap, encourage female participation, and foster an inclusive environment that celebrates diversity in IT.