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An economic empowerment program geared towards reducing the rate of rural urban migration among young girls in rural Ghana by providing them with economic opportunities in agriculture. We started this initiative in 2018 after realising that a greater number of the women in rural Ghana migrate to the cities in search of greener pastures because they lack access to economic opportunities. We therefore set up a fund to provide them with start-up capital to start and manage their own farms. We also provided them with Agric extension services and training. The pilot of the project benefitted 30 women in 2018. We currently have 60 beneficiaries.

Health and Tourism

A tourism project that capitalises on the expertise of tourist to volunteer their knowledge and skills to provide free health education and healthcare services to indigenes of rural areas that house most of Ghana’s precious tourist site. Started in November 2018, Health and Tourism brings together people from across the country who have an interest in tourism to volunteer their time and expertise. The project starts with a visit to tourist sites, a health education session and free health screening. So far, we have successfully screened 2700 rural people, educated 7000+ people and catered for the hospital bills of 25 patients.

Learn a Skill

In our bid to promote quality livelihood for women living in deprived communities, we design and organize programs that train women in different vocational, technical and agricultural ventures in order to give them a set of skills to make various products and artefacts needed in the market. We go further to provide them with a ready market for their produce. This is aimed at making them self-employed and economically empowered to carter for the day to day needs.

My Dignity

Access to sanitary towels to women and girls in rural Ghana is very limited as many of them do not either have funding to be able to purchase while other to have no knowledge whatsoever about the use of Sanitary towels. Most of them rely on cloths, rags and tissue in place of sanitary towels. The aim of this project is to ensure that as many teenage girls and women as possible get access to sanitary towels free of charge to assist them during their menstrual cycle. We embark on this project in partnership with individuals and other organizations. As it stands now we have been able to successfully distribute 5000+ sanitary towels.


Access to food and basic items is limited to a lot of people living in rural communities especially orphans, the aged and widows. Poverty is a reality in these communities and this group of people do not have support from anywhere to supplement their basic needs and this has direct consequences on their health and quality of life. Maltiti Foundation delivers regular care packages to address this need. These contain items such clothing, foodstuff, toiletries, groceries and cash

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