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Maltiti foundation as part of its aims and objectives in ensuring that women living in rural communities get access to basic amenities such as good health and wellbeing joined the Lady Cornelia sanitary pad project to distribute sanitary towels to women in Katanga, a village in the East gonja municipality.

The team before proceeding to do the donation, made a stop at the palace of the Kpembewura who is the chief of the East Gonja Traditional area as custom demands to pay homage. He also expressed his sincerest appreciation and joy to the team for thinking about his people. He opened his arms to the team at any time at all that they decide to return.

Prior to the donation, there was an education on menstrual cycle, personal hygiene and a practical demonstration of how to use the sanitary towel. The founder of the lady Cornelia Sanitary pad project Ms. Cornelia Djodjome when interviewed by our team stated that “the aim of this project is to ensure that as many teenage girls and women as possible get access to sanitary towels free of charge to assist them during their menstrual cycle. Prior to this initiative quite a number of the women and teenage girls in the villages did not have access to these items. They equally had little knowledge about the use of sanitary towels and for those who did, money to afford was another challenge. That is why there was need for this project to be embarked on to give teenage girls and women an opportunity to live a healthy life.”

The executive director of Maltiti Foundation, Mr. Ewura Adams Karim who was also present stressed on the need for women to take good care of themselves as well take good care of their daughters to live healthy and well. He admonished the beneficiaries to put the items to good use. He also ensured that Maltiti foundation in the coming day will return with other amazing initiatives that will be greatly beneficial to them.

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